Cross-Functional Teams and Collaboration

Teams are a critical element in the nursing practice environment.  Nurses work together with other healthcare professionals, including other nurses, in order to accomplish common goals.  Therefore, it is important that nurses develop themselves as both team leaders and team members in order to be successful in the demanding nursing environment.

Collaboration is an extremely important skill for nurses to possess.  Collaboration involves open communication, supporting teammates, and a commitment to a greater purpose than oneself.   Given the incredible challenges that today’s nurses are facing, it is more important than ever that nurses develop their abilities to solve problems and implement solutions in a collaborative team setting.

At NAA, we focus on helping nurses become stronger team members, collaborators, and team leaders.   We accomplish this feat using two primary approaches.   First, NAA leverages a team-based organizational model, which gives nurses opportunities to develop and hone team skills in leadership roles or alongside their peers while making a positive impact on their professional environment.  Second, NAA focuses on leadership development through access to successful mentors and leaders, current research literature, and other NAA members who share their information and experiences.  In addition, as our organization grows, NAA members will have access to a professional journal written and published by NAA members, as well as discounts on books, conferences, and other reference material.

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